İngilizce sıfatlarda dereceler ile ilgili örnekler | Comperative and Superlative

İngilizce sıfatlar mevzusundaki derecelendirme yani Comperative ve Superlative hakkında örnekleri aşağıda bulabilirsiniz. En alltaki bağlantıya tıklayarak ingilizce sıfatlar sıralaması ve ingilizce sıfatlar misal hakkında bilgiler bulabilirsiniz.

İngilizce sıfatlarda dereceler hakkında örnekler | Comperative and Superlative

Eğer daha ilkin yayınladığımız Comperative ve Superlative ile ilgili  dersi okumadıysanız ilkin en alttaki urlden giderek bakmanız gerekmekte. Sonra buraya dönüp cümleleri okuyunca mevzu aklınızda iyice yer tutacak.

Comperative tek heceliler  hakkında örnekler

A kitten is cuter than a puppy.

This exercise is difficult but that one was easier.

Non-smokers usually live longer than smokers.

Carla is prettier than Stephanie.

The Amazon is longer than the Nile.

Norway is not sunnier than Jamaica.

Chile özgü a smaller population than China.

She is older than she looks.

I think backgammon is easier than chess.

This bike is cheaper than the red one.

Nobody in the class is taller than Ali.

Yesterday isn’t hotter than today.

In Canada, January is colder than March.

I can’t carry my suitcase. It’s much heavier than yours.

You look thinner than the last time I saw you. Have you lost weight?

Mountains are higher than hills.

He got a very good mark on his exam. The exam was easier than he had expected.

I can’t study in this room. It’s too noisy. I’m going to find a quieter place.

Orange juice is healthier than Coke.

The store is having a great sale today. Most televisions are 25% cheaper than they were yesterday.

Comparative oldukça heceliler  hakkında örnekler

Sharks are more dangerous than whales.

I think Golf is more boring than football.

Tim is more talented than Peter.

The flower is more beautiful that one. beautiful

Football is more exciting than baseball.

There is more crowded than before.

There are more hotels than before.

İstanbul özgü got more transportation system than 1960’s.

In 1900’s There were more dogs in the Galata street than now.

In Istiklal Street People walk more freely  than 1980’s.

I think that good health is  more important than money.

I can afford to buy a new bike but not a new car. A car is more expensive than a bike.

I couldn’t get a seat in the restaurant. It was more crowded than usual.

There is a lot of crime in the big cities. They are  more dangerous than the small town where I live.

I don’t understand this lesson. It is more difficult than the last one we did.

Our apartment is far from everything. We want to move to a more convenient location.

Superlative hakkında örnekler

Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year.

Which is the most difficult subject at school?

This is the most exciting film I’ve ever seen.

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Let’s pick  the biggest apple out of tree.

Among the blue, pink and purple dresses, which one is the most beautiful.

Who is the richest woman on earth? rich

Easter Island  is the most interesting Island I’ve ever visited.

I bought the most expensive watch I could afford.

For me Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world.

Santa Cruz is the second largest island in the Galapagos.

A blue whale is the heavist animal in the world.

Today is one of the hottest days of the year.

I am the youngest in the family.

Taksim is the most tourist attraction center in Turkey.

Comparative düzensiz  sıfatlar

You should go to the doctor. Your cold is worse than it was a few days ago. (bad)

A holiday by the sea is better than a holiday in the mountains. (good)

The doctor told me that I can go back to work if I feel better tomorrow. (good)

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